Tennis Quiz

April 30, 2006

compiled by Hrishikesh

Here are some interesting tennis questions. Answers to the quiz will be put up this Thursday.

Please leave your answers in the comments section. 

1. This famous club is credited with making significant rule changes to the game of Tennis. They added Deuce, Advantage, and 2 chances per serve. The hourglass-shaped court (as it was then) was also changed to a rectangular court, identical to the measurements that are being used today. Name the club.

2. Tennis legend Spencer Gore told the media, "Lawn tennis is a bit boring. It will never catch on." What distinction does he hold in the world of tennis?

3. Sir Norman Brookes's wife, Dame Mabel, was quoted as saying, "He brought the Cup back in his luggage with his other cups. You had to do everything yourself in those days. Nobody much wanted the Cup. It used to sit on our sideboard, and it was so big, it dwarfed everything else. Nothing looked any good at all alongside that darned bath. We put red peonies in it." Which cup was she referring to?

4. Known as "The Redhead" and the first man, and the only man besides Rod Laver, to win the Grand Slam. According to New York Times reporter Allison Danzig, he apparently turned down a professional contract that guaranteed him $50,000 or more to compete for his country as an amateur for one last year to regain the Davis Cup. Who is this tennis legend?

5. Bunny Austin was the first man to ever wear a pair of shorts on court at Wimbledon in 1933. What unique distinction does Yvon Petra hold?

6. In 1976 the United States Tennis Association denied Renee Richards entrance into the US Open and she challenged the ban, and the New York Supreme Court ruled in favour of her in 1977. What prompted the USTA to deny her entrance into the open?

7. There are many different terms used in tennis. What does a Double Bagel mean?

8. One of the largest-selling disco singles of all time, "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John is a dedication to which Tennis great?

9. Goran Ivanisevic said this back in 1992. “He's never going to be a great player on grass. The only time he comes to the net is to shake your hand.”  Who was he referring to?

10. Born in Arak, Iran, his initial progress was halted as the Iranian regime banned competitive sports in the late 1970s. He played most of his professional tennis in France and finished as the runner-up in the French Open Men’s doubles event in 1989. Later Connors invited him to join his then-fledgling senior circuit in 1994 and now is a regular on the senior’s tour. ATP Tour's International Tennis Magazine in its August, 1997 issue rated him as probably the best known player that no one has ever heard of. Who is he?

11. The WTA passed a rule which prohibits abusive conduct on the part of players, coaches and relatives. This rule is commonly referred among the players and the media as the ‘___ ______ rule’ after the name of the father of which tennis player?

12. Which tennis player filed a suit in a state court in Manhattan, seeking compensation from sportswear company Sergio Tacchini for $40 million for product liability, breach of contract, negligence, and breach of warranty alleging that the company "ruined her feet"?

13. “If we start implementing a tiebreaker, instead of a third set, in mixed doubles, eventually it's going to go to men's doubles and women's doubles and, in the long term, singles as well. And then tennis is no longer a true test of skill, and nothing like we've known it. We have a successful scoring system, and we're changing that. What they're doing to mixed doubles now is the beginning of the downfall of the whole game."  Who is this all-time doubles great presciently predicting in 2001, when the Australian Open implemented a tiebreaker in lieu of the deciding set in mixed doubles, that the ATP would eventually make the same rule change in men's doubles, which the ATP is doing—along with adopting No.Ad scoring—starting in 2006?

14. His two elder brothers, Marinos and Petros, have also played Davis Cup for their country and they hail from a small village called Paramythos (meaning fairytale in Greek). He has had a truly fairytale run recently. Who is he?

15. This is what you need to have to beat Roger Federer at the moment. "Well, if you take Roddick's serve, Agassi's return, my volley, and Hewitt's speed, you've probably got a chance." Who said this?  


3 Responses to “Tennis Quiz”

  1. Sohail Says:

    2. Spencer Gore was the winner of the inaugral edition of Wimbledon.
    4. only man to win a grand slam apart from rod laver? is there a mistake in here? or do u mean to say won all the four grand slams in a single year?do they call it grand slam? i really dont know. well my guess would be Fred Perry.
    5. Yvon Petra was the last one to wear pants.
    6. she underwent some sex changing surgery
    7. winning the game with a 6-0, 6-0 score
    8. Jillie King( surprising isn’t it? elton john dedicating to a woman:)!)
    12. Martina Hingis
    13. one of the woodbridge brothers. dont remember exactly who among the two, my guess is mark.
    15. if its volley, it has to be Tim “always-a-favourite-at wimbledon-without-winning” Henman.

    Guess the standard was a typical Hrishikesh standard, why dont u lower it a bit so that more people can participate and come up with more responses than the ocassional one or two correct ones.
    Anyways it is good to see atleast someone start in these lines. looking forward to more from you. With football WC appraoching, how about one on the football world cups?


  2. Amit Goyal Says:

    I think I know
    6. Sex change
    8. Bille Jean King (the battle of sexes match)
    10. Mansoor Al Bahrami (I don’t know if the spelling is correct), he is probably the funniest characters on the senior ATP tour. There was a RD article on him once 🙂
    11. Mary Pierce

  3. pavilionseat Says:

    Answers to the Tennis quiz

    1. The Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC – Surprising isn’t it)
    2. The first winner of the Wimbledon Championships in 1877.
    3. Davis Cup (I thought there were enough hints there – big; looked like a bath). (Source:
    4. Don Budge (Source:
    5. The last player to have won the Wimbledon Championships wearing long trousers.
    6. Renee Richards (born Richard Raskind 1934) underwent a sex reassignment surgery in 1975.
    (Source: Wikipedia)
    7. If you score zero (0) games in two sets this may be referred to as a Double Bagel
    8. Billie Jean King (Source: Wikipedia)
    9. Ivan Lendl (Googly : I would have said Andre Agassi)
    10. Mansour Bahrami (One of my personal favourites – Regular on the Seniors Doubles Tour now. Guys you must watch him play).
    11. Mary Pierce. The rule is referred to as the Jim Pierce Rule (Source : Wikipedia)
    12. Martina Hingis
    13. Todd Woodbridge
    14. Marcos Baghdatis (Source : Wikipedia)
    15. Tim Henman

    – Hrishikesh

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