Football Quiz

May 15, 2006

With the upcoming World Cup, football is the flavour of the season. Here's a quiz on the sport with special focus on the World Cups.

compiled by Sohail

1. The first question is on the coveted prize, the trophy itself. The Jules Rimet Trophy, designed by the French sculptor Abel Lafleur, was awarded permanently to Brazil after they won it for a record third time in  Mexico in 1970. This trophy has a very interesting history. It disappeared in 1966 in England before it was found under a tree by a dog. Name the dog.

2. The 1974 World Cup is remembered for many classic matches, the final being the best among them if not the best of all times. Hosts Germany defeated the surprise package of 'oranje' men 2-1 after trailing by one goal at one stage. What was special about the first goal scored by the Dutch team? Who scored that 'special' goal?

3. The 2002 World Cup Final is best remembered for a certain Mr. Ronaldo who successfully exorcised the ghosts of that ill fated day of the 1998 World Cup finals when he fell ill just hours before the kick-off. Though he played that match (half fit) against Lez Blues, his team went on to lose the match. He scored two goals in the finals in 2002 against Rudi Völler’s men. What did he achieve with his second goal of the match?

4. Continuing with the 2002 Finals. The finals was a clash of titans – four-time champions Brazil pitted against three-time champions Germany. When was the last time before the 2002 finals that these two teams met in the World Cup?

5. In the five international matches that I played for my country the team lost all of them by a combined score of 21-4. I was the first from my country to be appointed to the top job of Ajax and turned them from relegation-threatened to the European Champions in 1971. I coached an entirely new generation of players to Euro Cup glory in 1988, which incidentally (and very sadly) was the only major trophy won by my country. I am best remembered for the 'revolution' I brought on in coaching. I think that’s enough clues. Who am I, which country do I belong to and what is the 'coaching revolution'?

6. He started his football career with the Melbourne Knights and has played for different clubs like Croatia Zagreb, Celtic and Leeds. He is presently with Middlesbrough. Best remembered for all the four goals in the 4-3 win over Liverpool when he was with one of his former clubs and was also instrumental in the club's surprise run till the semifinals of the Champions Trophy in the 2000/01 season. This man of Croatian descent is the main architect of his country's reappearance on the biggest football stage(Germany 2006)after a gap of 32 years. Who is the player and which country does he represent?

7. What is the unique connection between George Weah and George Best?
8. The 1990 World Cup semifinals between Argentina and Italy is infamous for the controversy surrounding extra time after the first half. What exactly happened?

9. Golden Shoe-1930.
   Golden Ball-1982.
   Yashin Award-1994.
   FIFA Fair Play Award-1978
   Most Entertaining team-1994
   Which new award is instituted in this year's World Cup

10. In the third place playoff against South Korea at WC 2002, Hakan Sukur of Turkey scored the a goal in just 11 seconds, setting a record. Whose record did he break?

11. What record did Franz Beckenbauer achieve in the 1990 World Cup in Italy?

12. Team           Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
      England        4    3   1  2 0  2  1    +1
      Ireland          3   3   0  3 0   2  2     0
      Netherlands   3   3   0  3 0   2  2     0
      Egypt            2   3   0  2 1   1  2   -1

What is unique about the group table shown above? What first did it lead to in World Cup history?

13. "Give us the World Cup as we don’t have any other thing.” Whose slogan was this and why did they not have any other thing?

14. Name the only person to have played both the football World Cup and the cricket World Cup?

15. Give the connection between these World Cup teams. Scotland of 1974, Brazil of 1978, England of 1982, Cameroon of 1982 and Belgium of 1998.


2 Responses to “Football Quiz”

  1. Amit Goyal Says:

    Some I know

    1. Pickles
    2. Goal was scored before Germany even touched the ball. Scorer (guess) – Cryuff
    5. Rinus, Total Football
    14. My favourite, Viv Richards 🙂

  2. pavilionseat Says:


    1. Pickles

    2. The goal was scored before any of the German players was able
    to touch the ball. The ball went through 15 passes, all among the Dutch players. Neskeens scored from the resultant penalty when the great Cruyff was brought down in the penalty area.

    3. Equalled the record of Pele for most number of World Cup goals for Brazil.

    4. They had never met before in the World Cup before the 2002 final. Surprising!

    5. Rinus Michels. Netherlands. Total Football.

    6. Mark Anthony Viduka. Australia.

    7. Only players to have won FIFA footballer of the year awards and not to have played the World Cup (their countries never qualified for the World Cup!).

    8. The referee awarded 8 minutes of extra time after the first half and when asked the reason he just answered that he lost track of time. Needless to add, he didn't officiate again.

    9. Gillette young player of the tournament (with Rooney almost certain not to play much due to injury, I bet on Lionel Messi winning it hands down).

    10. Valcav Masek against Mexico in Chile, 1962.

    11. Equalled the record of winning the World Cup both as a player and as a coach. Mario Zagallo of Brazil was the first one(1958,1962-player, 1970-Coach).

    12. If teams are even on points at the end of group play, the tied teams will be ranked as follows:

    – goal difference in all group matches
    – greatest number of goals scored in all group matches
    – greater number of points obtained in matches between the tied teams
    – goal difference in matches between the tied teams
    – greater number of goals scored in matches between the tied teams
    – drawing of lots (at the final event)

    In this particular table we can clearly see that the first five ways of finding out which team progresses to the next group failed. So the draw of lots had to be used (Ireland was the luckier team) and it was the first such incidence in World Cups.

    13. Chile was devastated with earthquake in 1961 and FIFA contemplated moving the 1962 World Cup out of Chile as they feared they would not be in a position to organise such a big tournament. The emotional slogan was coined by the Chile Football Association. FIFA listened to their plea and Chile went on to host it very effectively just a year after the country was devastated by the earthquake.

    14. Vivian Richards.

    15. Five teams have been unbeaten but not the champions in the same finals. Those unbeaten teams are: Scotland in 1974 (1 win, 2 draws), Brazil in 1978 (4 wins, 3 draws), England in 1982 (3 wins, 2 draws), Cameroon in 1982 (3 draws), Belgium in 1998 (3 draws).

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