Welcome to Pavilion Seat! We are glad that you have chosen to alight on our small presence in the world of sports writing, and hope that you will enjoy whatever time you spend at these pages. We are not going to tell boring stories of how inspiration for this website struck one fine morning. Suffice it to say that we have long been very interested in sport, following it keenly and lapping up any associated writing. Like almost every other sports fan, we have often felt that we have an important point to make or a fascinating insight to share. We felt that a structured, organised forum where we could air our views would be an interesting exercise for us, and for our readers (What readers? asks the sceptic, but we will ignore that).

To begin with, it is good to know what we are and what we are not. We are not a news-centric website. We will not carry commentary or even daily reports from a tournament or tour. Instead we hope to provide newer ways of looking at the sports that fascinate us. Importantly, we will try to follow as many different sports as possible. Our knowledge of different sports may vary, but we will enlist help where possible in the form of guest contributors. We will also try to present diverse viewpoints, from writers of different ages and in geographically dispersed locations. We hope to be able to write clearly about sport, weaving our way through the thick fog of obscure statistics and worn-out cliches. We believe that sport is not a clearly demarcated sphere of activity; it is a part of everyday life and it is fascinating to view it within its larger social constructs. This has been shown admirably by the likes of CLR James and Ramachandra Guha, who have written about how sports can have great social and historical significance. What this means for our considerably smaller canvas, is that we will also be doing articles of somewhat general interest. For instance, if a major tournament is taking place in a particular country, we might write travel and other articles on that country, if we have the resources to do so. So even if you do not classify yourself as a sports enthusiast, you are likely to find something of interest on these pages.

We have used the word ‘website’. What exactly are we – a website, an e-zine, or a blog? Well, a little bit of everything. Because a blog is so easy to manage, we are starting off in the shape of a blog. In format and spirit, though, we will probably be a little closer to a traditional sports magazine, in that we believe that quality is as important as spontaneity. This means that we will plan our content in such a way as to maintain coherence and consistency. We will post articles on a continuous basis. Each article will be filed under a particular category – like History of Sport, Sports Quotient, or Opinion. That way you can click on a particular category and see all the articles filed under it.

We would be happy to receive constructive suggestions.

Happy reading!

Aparajith and Hrishikesh


2 Responses to “Welcome to Pavilion Seat!”

  1. Sports Snob Says:

    Nice blog you guys ahve here! You have been blogrolled!:)

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